Sunday, July 30, 2017

We're Still Catching Fish And Please Follow Me On Instagram

I've been running this blog for over seven years now and yes, I have really slacked off on the postings these last few months.  I actually have a few legitimate reasons for that, mainly an unbelievably busy season that kicked in last Christmas that had me booked solid until last week.  I'm definitely not complaining about this and the fantastic weather and economy of 2017 has been more than a blessing.  Things have just started to return to a more normal pace and I definitely plan to get back to my schedule of posting photos and fishing reports at least twice a week here. 

I'll also confess that since some friends introduced me to Instagram two years ago I've been far more active on that platform than I ever expected to be.  As an avid photographer and reluctant writer it's been a great outlet for my laziness these last few months.  I can throw up an Instagram post in about two minutes while I usually spend at least an hour creating one on this site.  So if you've been reading this site regularly please click here to catch up with me on Instagram.

At the same time I promise to start posting a bit more regularly on this blog and really want to thank the handful of folks who've contacted me lately about that.  Really appreciate knowing that you guys are out there and reading my stuff.