Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rainy Season Is Here, And So Are The Baby Tarpon

Actually, the baby tarpon have been here for several weeks and won't be going anywhere for a while.  I've been a bit quiet on this blog since the weather so far this May has mostly sucked.  Sorry to be so blunt but I feel like I'm back in the Keys with winds over 15kts, and well over 30 the last two days, being the norm. That's a real problem up here in SW Florida since our water is nowhere near as bright and spotting the migratory tarpon from more than 50 feet out is a real problem.  That's why we've been chasing the smaller fish most of the month and thank God for them.  The 5 to 20 pounders have been hanging around several shorelines and the one in this photo hit a white #4 Schminnow meant for a snook popping glass minnows.  If it weren't for the occasional dumb tarpon, this season would be very frustrating for my fly anglers so far.