Sunday, August 28, 2016

Low Tide Tailers In Matlacha Pass

I love this time of year. Yes, it's still hot as hell in the afternoons and we're getting terrible storms almost every day but the redfish are already schooling up and tailing by the dozens on the flats. You'll only find them doing this at the bottom of the tide, especially when that happens just after sunrise or before sunset.

These shots are from last night when I launched the boat between thunderstorms with my buddies Forrest and Bo. The tide was perfect just south of Matlacha and even though the risk of electrocution was high the payoff was worth it. We easily saw 100 different tailing reds and managed to land one on fly.

This is Pine Island and not Louisiana so that was a good trip in my book. We have the most notoriously spooky redfish on earth around here so if you're reading this and still struggling to catch them on fly, welcome to the club.

One this to keep in mind is that tailing fish, of any species, are hungry fish. They are actively feeding at that moment when their tails are in the air so take the risk and drop your fly (but not your fly line) right on top of them. I've usually found that a slightly aggressive presentation gets rewarded more than it gets rejected. Good luck and go get them.