Thursday, February 4, 2016

Big Fish In Dark Water

For starters, don't panic about the Lake Okeechobee overflow that's pouring out of the Caloosahatchee River right now.  Yes, it's turning the beaches around Sanibel an unattractive shade of brown and upsetting some tourists, but it's not hurting our fishing.  Almost every inshore species around Pine Island can tolerate this fresh water intrusion as long as the salinity is dropped slowly, which is exactly what is happening.  The same thing occurred two summers ago after a record rainfall and we had some of the best redfish action I've ever seen off Matlacha in totally fresh water.  I'm not saying that our current Lake O water management system is a good thing, (it's actually a horrible, government induced disaster,) but don't believe what you see on TV or read in the papers when they say that the sky is falling.  Our inshore fish are a lot more resilient than most folks would like you to believe.