Monday, October 12, 2015

Redfish From The Mangroves Off Matlacha

Mike from Altoona, Pa with a 25" red that hit a live pinfish.
Great morning tides this week have made fishing the bushes really productive in Matlacha Pass.  The bite would usually kick in about two hours after the waters started flooding and dropping live shrimp under the bushes produced a bunch of different fish.  Undersize snook were our most common catch but I never consider that a problem.  They're a fun fight and it's great to see how healthy their population is these days.  Legal redfish are crawling under just about every shoreline but sometimes you have to be patient to find them.  Big shrimp are always my go-to bait this time of year but they also attract a lot of fish you won't want to catch.  That's not always a problem.  If you find a spot that's loaded with pinfish and small snapper, be patient if you have enough live bait.  The bigger reds will eventually be attracted to the feeding frenzy.