Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fly Fishing In The Wind

It's late October and the fall cold fronts have arrived on Pine Island.  The first one hit last Sunday and the wind hasn't stopped since.  Fortunately it's blown steadily out of the east and southeast which gives us a huge amount of leeward shoreline to work all along Matlacha Pass and Pine Island Sound.  The open water is a churned up mess but close to the east wall mangroves it's calm and very fishable.  The trick is to stay tucked within 20 feet of the trees and keep your casts low.  There are tons of redfish cruising the clean water along the roots looking for shrimp and whitebait.  The one pictured above ate a crab fly just inches from the trees and we've also landed a few others on Clouser Minnows this week.  Another cold front is bearing down on us as I write this so the wind isn't going away for at least a few days.  Don't let that bother you.  There's always a shoreline where you can hide and the waters are cool enough that the fish will feed all day.  If you don't feel like fighting it with a fly rod, drop some live shrimp under the bushes on the incoming tide and you'll catch the hell out of everything.