Monday, April 13, 2015

Pine Island Sound Reds And Snook

I finally had a chance to fish with my buddy Eric on his excellent new Beavertail BTV this morning.  Our plan was to look for tarpon but the wind screwed that up and we hit the mangroves instead looking for anything that would bite.  Eric actually hooked the Slam but his huge trout popped off before we could land it.  The snook and redfish cooperated and were sent back after their photo session. 

Both of these fish came from the water around Mondongo and Patricio Islands in the north part of Pine Island Sound.  This is a great little microcosm of grass flats, oyster bars, and both shallow and deep mangrove shorelines.  It's an excellent area to explore on a rising tide, especially when you need somewhere to hide from a southeast wind.