Monday, January 26, 2015

Tricky Week Fishing Around Pine Island

January is a very challenging month on the flats here in SW Florida. Our negative low tides can be great for tailing redfish, but when they happen during a cold front it can shut the bite down for days.  Last week was the usual mix of excellent one day and rotten the next conditions but we've still managed to bring in the fish, especially the sharks and sea trout.  Here are a few recent catches. 

Danielle from Kansas City with a sharpnose shark.  These are a small species and this one is almost full grown.
Joyce from Chicago with a keeper trout on a windy day.  This was her first fish ever so the weather didn't bother us a bit.

Capt. J.T. from Big Pine Key with a baby snook, also on a windy day.  There are lots of these little guys out there right now.

Joe from Wisconsin with a small but beautiful blacktip shark.  These fish can reach 200lbs so this one was also just a baby.

And finally, here's a quick video that my friend Marty from Pine Island put together from his own skiff last summer featuring bent rods and reggae music to remind us all that better fishing is just around the corner.