Friday, December 19, 2014

Chilly Morning Slam

These are some extra shots that I didn't post from yesterday morning. My buddy Forrest actually got a Slam that started off with an excellent redfish on fly, but the snook and trout were a bit on the small side. Thanks to some high clouds all morning the temps never climbed into the 70's as promised until we came home at lunchtime.  The water was still in the low 60's but that's changing quickly and the weekend looks perfect.  See you out there. 
Forrest's redfish goes home. 
Dinky snook are a common catch everywhere in the Pass.

An undersized trout completes the Slam for Forrest.

Tyler's groundbreaking catch of the day on a Zara Spook.
Here's a shot for my neighbor Tom who thinks I only post bird pictures when we don't catch fish.  The truth is that I only post the really good bird pictures when we don't catch fish.