Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ultra Low Tides Off Pine Island

Anytime you get a negative low tide and a strong north wind you'll find scenes like this all over Pine Island Sound and Matlacha Pass.  This picture was taken right at low tide yesterday, which was a 0.0 in the Pass, and there is obviously a lot more water missing than the number would indicate.  Two hour later, the flats basically looked the same despite the incoming water.  This is a good reason to remember that a tide chart is actually just a "prediction" and the depths and times of water changes can vary widely, especially after a strong cold front like we just experienced.  I run a very shallow drafting flats boat and we were still bumping the bottom yesterday in several spots that I've always crossed before with ease.  You can be in for a long wait in you ground yourself hard enough this time of year so use caution out there.