Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Key West Barracuda And Other Sights

Bonefish were our main target but I'll cast at anything that swims, especially barracuda.  They're one of my favorite things to photograph but so is just about everything else down in the Keys. 
A three footer that nailed a tube lure in two feet of water.

The business end.  You do NOT want to put your fingers in there. 

Tube lures also work well on lemon sharks.  This four footer ripped off a hundred yards of line and made several jumps just like a barracuda.

Heading offshore on Capt. Mike Bartlett's  Mako 23.

Sandy Bartlett hooked up on a yellowtail in eighty feet of water.

Green iguanas are a common sight all over the Keys these days.  They're considered a pest by many but are actually harmless and very beautiful lizards, too.

A British Hawker Hunter over Boca Chica air station.  These fifty year old jets are civilian owned but hired by the Navy for Top Gun training.  The blimp in the photo is the Fat Albert radar balloon tethered over Cudjoe Key ten miles to the north. 

Waterfront property on Key West.