Monday, September 29, 2014

Trout, Trout, And More Trout

We anchored up off a swimming pool sized pot hole in Pine Island Sound this morning and for a solid hour caught speckled trout (mostly undersized) on almost every cast.  It didn't matter what we threw because they hit everything.  I did especially well using a Cajun Cork with a DOA paddle tail underneath it.  Gulps were even more effective but there was such a swarm of pinfish in the water that those expensive baits were ripped to shreds after a couple of throws.  That's been happening for a couple of weeks now and I don't even bother with live shrimp anymore.  They won't last more than a few seconds before the pinfish strip them off your hooks.  I couldn't rent a single redfish this morning but my arms were actually tired from reeling in so many trout.  Not a bad problem to have in my book.  Gotta love the fall on Pine Island.