Monday, August 18, 2014

Tarpon Art

These are couple of recent creations from my brother Randy and his wife Ashley, who are both art teacher in northern PA.  They did this coffee table while they were here on Matlacha for vacation earlier in the month.  I'd love to keep it for myself but my kids would destroy it so it'll hopefully be for sale in one of our local galleries soon. 

This one I am keeping, and it's hanging front and center on my living room wall.  It's a life size tarpon my brother made with the wood from a Pennsylvania grain silo.  The name of my charter business was engraved using a Dremel tool.  You can see a quick rundown of how it came together by clicking here

This is one of my favorites that my brother made last year for my parents. He used old barn wood which he treated even further to withstand the Florida weather.  It still looks fantastic hanging at the front of their house on Matlacha.