Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Redfish Feeding Frenzy Off Matlacha

Vic Maffee with the smallest of three reds we landed.
Redfish blasting the pilchards right at the surface.
I was hoping to chase some tailing reds on the excellent low tides this evening but a stiff north breeze ruined that plan.  We ran south instead looking for smooth water and stumbled across a couple acres of feeding fish near the power lines in Matlacha Pass.  The deeper water held big ladyfish, mid-size jacks, and small tarpon, all chasing bait right up to the surface.  The real action started when we floated into right up onto the flats and found hundreds of redfish going berserk in less than two feet of water.  These weren't as big as the ones I found out in Pine Island Sound over the weekend but they were fearless and chased everything we dropped in front of them.   It was a blast to see and the frenzy lasted for at least two hours.