Saturday, June 14, 2014

Slack Tide Redfish From Matlacha

Conditions weren't great to catch anything today.  My anglers were 9 year old Luca Gomez along with his uncle Jeff and grandfather Frank.  We had a full moon last night which means the tarpon feed like crazy in the dark and not at all during the daylight, which is exactly what happened.  They were rolling all around us for two hours and we hooked zero.  The trout bite was also slow and even the few ladyfish that wanted to eat didn't stay hooked.  Throw in an overcast sky along with a flat tide and you've got a recipe for a very slow day of fishing.  Fortunately, that's not what happened.  Just before lunchtime we managed to turn the single ladyfish Jeff landed into bait for our limit of three legal reds.  The two best were the 24 and 26 1/2 inchers caught by 9 year old Luca in the photos above.  The guys also lost a couple of fish that were probably even more impressive.  Not bad for a cruddy looking morning.