Friday, March 28, 2014

Pine Island Fishing Report: Not Quite Back To Normal (But Getting There)

Earlier this week I posted about how things were really warming up here on Pine Island and we were hopefully done with our cold fronts.  I should have kept my mouth shut or at least looked at the forecast because we got hit with a good one two days later which knocked our water temps back into the low 60's.  So for the past week we've had to deal with winds gusting over 20 knots and screwed up tides.  The fish are still out there and we spotted more snook on Wednesday morning than I've seen all month.  None of them wanted to eat, of course.  The good news is that you can still tuck in the back bay mangroves and pull in some nice undersized reds on the fly like the one in the photo.  There's also plenty of trout and some really decent ladyfish in Matlacha Pass to keep the rods bent.  Spring conditions will be back next week.  I'm confident this time.