Monday, March 10, 2014

Coming Soon: Beavertail Skiffs Free Demo Day On Matlacha

My friends from Aeon/Beavertail are hitting the road for their annual Grand Tour and bringing their newest boats along with them.  Their first stop will be in the Lower Keys next weekend for the annual March Merkin fly fishing tournament where the all new Kevlar-hulled Elite skiff will be on display. 

After that, it's up here to Matlacha on Saturday, the 22nd for a Demo Day at the Old Fish House Marina.  The 2014 Micro will be in the water for free test rides as well as a brand new Strike and BT3.  Best of all, you can stop by and meet company owners Will and Liz Leslie and talk construction and financing with them.  Keep checking back here and on the BT Facebook page for more details.