Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Key West Bonefishing With Capt. Mike Bartlett

Every time I'm on the bow of my buddy Mike's Beavertail BT3, I catch fish. It's as simple as that, and this last trip was no exception.
Yes, that's a double header on bonefish with the fly rod.  Not the kind of thing that happens very often in the Lower Keys. 
Mike also put me on a couple more fish schooling in less than a foot of water on the flats west of Key West.  They were a fantastic run on my old 8-weight RPLXi. 

Despite what you may have read on other sites, Key West and the entire FL Keys still have a very healthy bonefish population.  If you head to that area and have the services of a veteran guide like Capt. Mike Bartlett, you will land one of these guys without too much hassle.  Contact Capt.Mike at 305-797-2452.