Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Running Photos Of The New Beavertail Micro

I ran up to Palmetto this morning to test drive and photograph the first production model BT Micro. In one word: amazing. 

Here are some shots of owners Will and Elizabeth Leslie running the skiff on the Manatee River just after last night's cold front came through and chopped up the surface a bit. 
The boat jumped right up on plane with only a 30 hp outboard and topped out just under 30mph. It will go even faster with a different prop and in smoother water. 

Poling the Micro was effortless, especially compared to my 18' BT3. 
The draft on the Micro is an honest 5" with two people and a full tank of gas. This is basically as shallow as any fish will ever swim.
Here's a shot of the Micro back at the ramp next to its bigger brother the 17' Strike. I'll take one of each, thank you very much. These are easily two of the best skiffs ever to hit the water. The Micro is another home run for Beavertail and at $18,000 for the boat pictured below, there's nothing else in its class that can compete with it.  Click here to check see the full specs from their website.