Monday, September 9, 2013

Pine Island Fishing Report: The Sky Is NOT Falling


Here are some of the fish that local angler Len Favara caught with me yesterday afternoon during the last hour and a half of the falling tide. We were off Little Pine Island in Matlacha Pass where the water is still very brown and almost completely fresh. And just like I've been saying here for the past few weeks, the fish still don't seem to mind one bit.

 The mullet are absolutely everywhere when the tide bottoms out and the redfish are schooling up right along with them. The two reds in those photos, one was 27" and the other 28", were both part of a big school of at least 100 other fish, tailing like crazy and eating everything in their path.  They ate white Gulp jerk shads as soon as they hit the water, and so did the trout.  The jack smashed a Zara Spook even before it hit the surface and pulled so hard we were convinced it was an oversized red.  Before all this happened Len spent over an hour casting to rolling tarpon in the exact same water. 

If anyone is telling you that all of the fresh water we're getting is ruining the fishing, please show them this post.