Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pine Island Fishing Report: The Redfish Keep Tailing

Ryan and Jennifer with a gorgeous late summer redfish caught yesterday on a Gulp Shrimp.
I've been traveling more than fishing this past week so I was thrilled to stumble into a pile of reds off Little Pine Island on my charter yesterday. Despite the unfavorable conditions, late morning low tide and a steady breeze, hundreds of fish were out there tailing like crazy. Of course it was the same old story and they were spookier than any Key West bonefish I've ever encountered.  What is it with these reds lately?   They're making me want to move to Louisiana where the redfish actually fight each other to get to a lure or fly as soon as they see it.  No matter what, tailing fish are a blast to see and chase and at least they get a little dumb once the tide floods in and covers the grass.