Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Ernest Hemingway

Today was Ernest Hemingway's 116th birthday. 
Young Jack Hemingway and his awesome, awesome dad.
My dad took me fishing a lot when I was a kid, but our trips were never like this. 

There is so much manliness going on in this photo that you're growing chest hairs right now just from looking at it, even if you're a woman. 

I was searching for some old Keys pictures on Google when I came across this unbelievable gem.  It was taken off Key West sometime in 1935 onboard Hemingway's yacht the Pilar.  The fishing was obviously slow that morning so it looks as if Papa settled into his second favorite pastime, drinking heavily. 

You should also note that the Thompson submachine gun, which was perfectly legal to own back then and routinely used by Hem to blast sharks, is unloaded.  Proper gun safely was obviously quite important to Papa, (at least during this point in his life.) 

Even though I lived and worked as a fishing guide in Key West for over a decade, I never really got into Hemingway's writing.  Seeing pictures like this might make me take another look at him.