Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tarpon Season So Far...

There are a lot of them out there and my anglers are putting a few in the air, but the cruddy weather has been relentless over the last week.  I'm staring out the window at a driving rainstorm right now which caused me to cancel two trips today.  That doesn't make me happy but it's nothing unexpected.

Tarpon season always seems to start off like this.  Bringing a fly rod on my boat at the beginning of May has always been the quickest way to whip up some wind and clouds.  On the plus side, the water is very warm right now, well into the lower 80's in Charlotte Harbor.  That's bringing a lot of big fish into the shallows.  The migratory schools are already pouring through the Keys and they should make their way up here in another couple of weeks.  Mid-May is when I start concentrating on the Gulf beaches for these tarpon.  Maybe by then it will stop raining.