Friday, April 5, 2013

Pine Island Fishing Report: Warm Weather Finally Kicks In

My buddy Don Atkinson brought his son in law Bob out to fish with me for the first time and managed to land a pair of big Pine Island redfish on live shrimp.

What a week.  Last Friday I ran all over Pine Island Sound looking for reds in 63 degree water and landed only one fish.  Just two days later the temps were back into the mid-70's and the floodgates opened.  Snook, big trout, and more redfish than any time so far this year were all over the mangroves in both the Sound and Matlacha Pass.  It also helped that we had excellent rising tides starting from daybreak on most mornings this week.  The redfish really love that rising water.  Some of my anglers did manage to land a red or two on fly but Gulps and live shrimp were the key to making them eat, which is usually the case around here.  As always, we looked for the mullet schools to lead us to the reds.  Almost anytime you see lots of mullet jumping and boiling under the surface, you'll usually find bigger gamefish milling around with them.  Blind cast into their schools with weedless rigged Gulp Shrimp and if the reds are in there, they'll eat.  If you pull up to a flat or shoreline and don't spot mullet, keep moving.