Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gear Review: Royal Wulff Bermuda Shorts Fly Line

Two years ago I tried Royal Wulff's Bermuda Shorts fly lines for the first time and they've been my favorite lines ever since. The Bermuda Shorts are part of their Triangle Taper series and have a 22 foot head making it incredibly quick to load and shoot. I first put them on both of my 8-weight rods, a Sage Xi-2 and TFO BVK, and found them to easily be the best line for casting at our small rolling tarpon around the canals of Matlacha. You can instantly haul it off the water's surface with one false cast and shoot it at a different fish when they appear.

The shooting head is light blue and the running line is a lighter yellow which is a nice looking combination, especially on the new BVK reel. It also features welded loops in both the backing and leader ends. I really like this because I hate nail knots and have never really learned to tie one properly. A simple loop to loop conection for both the leader and backing is the best possible connection and this line comes ready to go right out of the package.

All the Triangle Tapers retail for around $75 which is what you'd expect to pay for any premium saltwater line, and there are a lot more expensive ones out there. Unlike some of its competitors, this one actually will add 20 feet to your cast. Bermuda Short fly line is really great stuff and you can pick them up locally at Florida Paddlesports.