Friday, February 1, 2013

The Latest Aeon 20 Heading To Ft. Myers,

This boat will be at the Florida Sportsman Expo along with a new Beavertail Strike starting tomorrow.  I spent some time running this new Aeon around Tampa Bay when it first came out last year and it's an amzing package, easily the best performing 20 foot center console on the market.  It's also thousands of dollars less than anything else in its class.  The boat pictured above is $56,500.  That's not cheap but I know a few 18 foot skiffs that can easily hit that price.  You really need to see it in person to appreciate the build quality and attention to detail that Aeon owner Will Leslie put into this boat.

Click here and you can get a discount on your entry fee for the Expo.  I'll be there both days answering questions about their skiffs and fishing in the local waters.  There are also some great deals on tackle so stop by the Lee Civic Center starting at 10 AM.  Hope to see you there.