Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shimano Sahara. The Best Reel You Can Buy For Under $100

For more than a decade I used nothing but Penn's excellent SS series of spinning reels but a few years ago switched over to Shimanos.  I love almost all of Shimano's spinning reels but their Sahara series are my favorites and I use them on a daily basis for my charters.  The Sahara 3000 is my all-around choice for the waters off Pine Island since they hold more than enough 15# braid to handle any fish we'll encounter.  They sell for around $80 at all of our local tackle shops and you can find them a little cheaper online.  (I spend the extra cash and buy them locally, and so should you.)  So far I haven't had one lock up or fail out on the water and I give them some pretty heavy abuse.  You can defintely spend a lot more on some of Shimano's other reels but these Saharas are good enough for any inshore angler.