Saturday, January 12, 2013

Private Island For Sale, $29.5 Million

I know that there are a lot of folks reading this blog right now with a spare $30 mil just burning a hole in your pocket and here's your chance to spend it.  Little Bokeelia Island is located on the north tip of Pine Island and features the 1929 built Spanish villa in the photo along with two other guest houses and two private beaches.  It's also minutes away from some of the best tarpon fishing in all of Florida.  I've never set foot on the island but I run my skiff past it several time a week on my way to and from Pine Island Sound.  Each time I see it I think about what an insanely great fishing lodge it would make.  The realtor produced a great website for the island that also features some interesting videos about Little Bokeelia's history which you can see here.  If you decide to whip out your check book, be sure to tell them where you hear about the place.  Realtors in Florida make 6% of the sale price and I want a cut.