Friday, January 25, 2013

400 Flawless Hours On My Yamaha F70

I picked up my new Beavertail BT3 exactly 14 months ago yesterday and at the same time hit the 400 hour mark on its Yamaha F70.  This engine has been nothing but pure reliability, getting me out on the water and back home again every single time I turn the key.  The exact same thing goes for the skiff and the only hiccup I've had so far came from a pinched fuel line that was easily solved back at the dock. 

The Yamaha is easy to maintain and I do all the 100 hour oil changes myself in less than half an hour at my house.  Every 200 hours I have Gulfside Marine on Matlacha replace the impeller, thermostat, and engine zincs.  This is usually a 2 1/2 hour job and costs less than $400 with parts and labor.  Other than that, the engine is maintenance free and runs perfectly on E10 gas that I buy from the Circle K station down the street.  In fact, this is the second Yamaha I've owned that has not cost me a dime of unscheduled maintenance or caused me to loose a charter.  There are several less expensive outboards you can buy this kind of reliability is invaluable.