Friday, September 28, 2012

Matlacha Fishing Report: Big Trout Return To The Pass

September is coming to a close and it was a really great month overall.  The redfish have been everywhere and almost every one we brought to the boat was slot legal.  I take that as a sign of a very healthy population of these fish.

The trout are always easy to find in the fall and my anglers have landed some serious gators in the last two weeks.  Jerry Francis from Georgia landed the beautiful 21 incher in the photo above on the Indian Field flats north of Matlacha.  This was one of three big sea trout she caught within twenty minutes on that one particular flat, all on Gulp shrimp.

Speaking of Gulps, everyone who uses these baits knows that pinfish love to nip at them, which is both annoying and expensive after enough are ruined.  I've noticed that some colors are more attractive to pinfish than others and the New Penny shrimp are on top of that list.  They also don't seem to be as tough as other Gulps and get ripped apart really quick.  The White 3" shrimp hold up really well and don't seem to draw as much attention from the pinfish but the reds, snook and trout still love them.  I buy them in the big $39 buckets which is enough baits for an entire month.