Monday, August 20, 2012

Matlacha Fishing Report: Great Rising Tide Redfish

If you can pry yourself away from all the rolling baby tarpon out there right now, you'll find a nice amount of redfish in the back bays of Matlacha Pass.  Early mornings with rising tides are the best times to spot tailing schools like the ones in the top photos.  We found those fish on Sunday around 9:30 which was right at the bottom of the tide near the northern part of the pass.  The were in less than a foot of water and we managed to get within two boat lengths of them before they even noticed us.  It also helped that we were on my buddy Jud's Mitzi 17 which can float in a puddle.  Tailing reds are actively feeding and just about anything you get in front of them will draw a strike.  The fish we caught in these pics grabbed Gulp shrimp and a Merkin style crab fly.