Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Matlacha Fishing Report: The Reds Return

Actually, the reds really didn't go anywhere, I just had a hard time finding them last week during the falling tides.  It seemed like the early high tides in Matlacha Pass over the weekend were really kicked them into gear for my anglers.  Since we had enough water to go anywhere I wanted, I ran up some of the smaller creeks where fewer boats travel.  I've always liked wrestling big fish out of the mangroves and we brought several upper slot redfish to the boat last week.  The beautiful 27 incher pictured about was landed by Alabama angler Jim Stenson on a white Gulp Shrimp.  This was the biggest of three reds he and his buddy Mark landed on Sunday.  The guys also landed a handful of trout and a small snook to complete the Slam that morning.  We've got great tides all week so this action should continue as long as the thunderstorms leave us alone.