Tuesday, July 10, 2012

48 Hours In Key West: Part 2, The Marquesas

The Marquesas are a group of islands 24 miles west of Key West. I haven't been there since I left the Keys in 2005 so I was really happy to see them again, especially since we'd be running out on Capt. Mike's excellent Beavertail BT3. This boat made the long crossing a hell of a lot more tolerable than any other skiff. The fishing was a little slow but the Marquesas are still a beautiful as ever.
Heading out at sunrise.

One of the first things we came across was this long abandoned Cuban refugee boat.

It made a very stable fishing platform but I wouldn't want to pole it.
The Gull Keys in the Marquesas.

Hooked up.

Mike's first catch was a nice bonnethead shark.

Mine was this less than legal yellowtail.
A nasty thunderstorm chased us to the beach and eventually back toward Key West.

Before we went in Mike stopped at a patch reef to pick up dinner.
Several small grouper came up but we were after snapper.
We brought home a half dozen legal grays.