Sunday, June 3, 2012

Six Months With My Beavertail BT3/Yamaha F70

2012 has been an absolutely amazing season so far with the new Beavertail.  I've run 125 charters and have had to cancel only a small handful of days due to bad weather.  The boat continues to perform beyond my expectations and every one of my anglers raves about how dry and comfortable the BT3's ride is.  It also drafts shallower than any other 18 foot skiff out there.  Here's the proof.  Best of all, my Yamaha F70 has performed flawlessly with more than 225 hours on it so far this year.  All this engine does is start up and run and I never have to worry for a moment about whether it will get my customers home safely.  Confidence in your outboard is priceless when you're a charter guide and Yamahas have given me that as well as great performance and fantastic fuel economy.

This is my second Beavertail/Yamaha skiff that I've owned.  I started using these boats five years ago after a decade of running charters with one of their very well established competitor's hulls and outboards.  In the past five years I have never lost a single charter to a maintenance problem.  In fact, I have never had a single, unscheduled maintanence issue with either of my Beavertail skiffs or Yamaha outboards.  I can't say that about any other mechanical object I've ever owned. 

Guiding is my only job.  Beavertail and Yamaha don't pay me a dime to write these posts.  I just like to throw things like this out there, especially when I'm more than thrilled with someone else's product.