Monday, June 4, 2012

Sharks And Redfish, A Great Day On The Fly

 Virginia Angler EJ Biernesser was casting at some uncooperative tarpon on Saturday morning (are there any other kind on the weekends?) when we spotted a cruising bonnethead shark. 

 A perfect shot with a red and black Tarpon Bunny resulted in an instant take.  These sharks are primarily crab eaters with poor eyesight and are difficult to hook on flies.  They do put up a great fight, especially on an 8wt.  This shark almost removed EJ's nose a split second after this photos was taken. 

 A couple hours later we were banging the shoreline off Pineland when this bruiser red smashed his fly.  At 30 inches it was the biggest redfish I've had anyone land on a fly rod so far this year.  A real beauty.

 Since it was 3 inches over the slot it was safely released.

The fly was a pink and green Clouser Minnow.  You've gotta love any fish that's willing to eat something so unnatural looking.

EJ came back on Sunday with his granddaughter Mandy and scored a handful of nice trout on spinning gear in Matlacha Pass.  A great weekend on the water for everyone.