Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pine Island Fishing Report: Back To Normal

Tropical Storm Debby is now a memory after hanging around SW Florida for way too long.  Our local waters were a churned up mess for a solid week and I really thought it would take a long time to recover.  Fortunately that wasn't the case and the winds and seas calmed down almost overnight.  Since Friday we've been smashing the redfish for the last three days.  My first charter after a week of cancellations was with one of my favorite local anglers Herchel Avra and his son-in-law BJ, pictured above with a 30 inch redfish he caught just south of Matlacha.  This oversized fish ate a white Gulp Shrimp right at the height of the rising tide.  We released this one safely and went on to land a handful of other species as well as casting to dozens of rolling tarpon with a fly rod.  It's great to have our summer weather back so quickly after our first tropical disturbance is several years.