Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cayo Costa Beach Tarpon

Yes, those are a dozen huge tarpon in the photo above all about to swim right under my boat.  We were in eight feet of water about a quarter mile off Cayo Costa beach and this was one of at least thirty different schools of fish we cast to on Wednesday afternoon.  The conditions were flawless, no wind and a cloudless blue sky, and the tarpon wouldn't eat.  What can I say?  Tarpon are so damn goofy sometimes in the afternoons.  We also watched at least a dozen of these schools form up into spawning daisy chains and got so close that I could have done a cannonball right into the middle of them. 

The biggest problem fly anglers have is that when sight casting conditions are best, eating is not at the top of the tarpon's list of priorities.  They're looking for love, not food in the middle of the day, and that makes getting one to open its mouth so insanely frustrating. 

The good news is that we're just in the middle of the season for these fish and the big schools will keep running up the Gulf beaches for another month.  Stay after them and you'll get your shots.