Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stuff I Like: Shimano Sahara Spinning Reels

Shimano has been making the best spinning reels on the market for the last decade and their very affordable Sahara models are currently my favorite. You can pick up one of these reels for around $80 at most local tackle shops and they're a bargain at that price. The Sahara 4000 pictured above is easily the best reel you can buy for that kind of money and I'm amazed that Shimano is not charging more for it.  These reels have a flawless drag and anti-reverse as well as a spool that is excellent for casting 10 to 20# braided line.  Bird's nests are almost non-existent thanks to the inverted bevel on the spool's lip, an excellent design feature that every spinning reel should have.

The Sahara is far from Shimano's most expensive reel.  That prize goes to their Stella series which retail for around $750.  Those reels are true engineering marvels and definitely worth the money.  But if your bank account is like mine, the affordable Sahara is the workhorse that you'll choose.