Sunday, April 15, 2012

Key West Tarpon Fishing With Capt. Mike Bartlett

My buddy Capt. Mike Bartlett shot this excellent photo yesterday of a jumping tarpon hooked by his angler on the flats off Key West.  According to Mike the tarpon have been flooding into the Lower Keys in excellent numbers so far this year and he's hooking them on flies, lures and live bait. 

This is also great news for us here around Pine Island since the big schools of fish that move through the Keys eventually continue their migration up the Gulf coast of Florida and wind up here about a month later.  We started seeing the first trickle of big tarpon in Charlotte Harbor at the end of March and now that's turned into a steady stream of fish.  The real flood will kick in for us around the end of May and continue through the summer. 

If you happen to be heading to the Keys right now, Capt. Mike still has a few days open this month and you can call him at 305-797-2452.  You won't find a better tarpon guide anywhere.