Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Boca Grande Pass Tarpon Fishing

The world famous Boca Grande Pass is a 45 minute boat ride from our dock on Matlacha but it might as well be on the dark side of the moon as far as I'm concerned. I cruised through it on a tournament weekend a few years ago just to see what it was all about and have avoided it like a case of ebola ever since. Tarpon fishing in "The Pass" is just a polar opposited to the way I like to pursue these fish.

The 18 minute video below has been making the rounds for a while now and more than a few people have e-mailed it to me so I'm going to post it here. If you watch it keep in mind that it's a very well produced but one sided argument by the Boca Grande Guide's Association against the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series (PTTS.) The live bait vs. jigging in The Pass fight has been going on for a few decades now and since I don't do either I have no final opinion on this subject. However, Capt. Tommy Locke is featured prominently in this video and few guides have more experience in this fishery and are more respected so this deserves a lot of attention.