Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pine Island Fishing Report: Slim Pickings In The Sound

With a cold front bearing down on us, Pine Island Sound was a choppy mess thanks to the solid 20 knot winds out of the south.  The incredible trout action of the last week was nowhere to be found today and the few scattered redfish we saw weren't especially interested in eating.  There was a lot of water around all the mangroves and they were also a convenient place to hide from the wind.  After five hours of casting topwaters and plastics with my buddy Paul Strong from Burnt Store, the only decent fish we managed to land was this 24 inch snook that hit a white Gulp shrimp.  At least I have the weather to blame for this day.  On the positive side, the water temps are now in the upper-70s and won't drop too much during this short cold spell.  The first tarpon are already here and we should have an early season for them.