Sunday, January 15, 2012

Matlacha Fishing Report: Cold Weather Snook

Snook get very sluggish in cold water and the temps in Matlacha Pass dropping ten degrees in the last two days hasn't helped things very much.  The fish pictured here was the first snook landed on my boat in over a week.  It was caught by Ed Maximovich from Pittsburgh, one of my favorite regular anglers, on a white Marsh Works soft plastic swimbait.  This obviously wasn't a really impressive example but it was Ed's first snook and the only one hungry enough to eat today out of the hundreds that we spotted on the flats in the south part of the Pass.  We've got some warmer weather coming up and some big moring tides, so if you want to land a few snook in addition to all the redfish and trout that are around right now, this is a great week.