Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tow Boat U.S. For Pine Island And Charlotte Harbor

Boaters have a choice of two marine towing services here in SW Florida:  Sea Tow and Tow Boat U.S.  I've been a member of both over the years and have no complaints about either.  When I was guiding in the Keys I was a Sea Tow member and had to use them on three occasions in ten years.  Each time they responded quickly and got me back home with no hassles. 

Up here on Pine Island I've joined Tow Boat U.S.  I switched to their service simply because they have a larger presence on the waters that I fish.  Two of their boats are based in Bokeelia and you can always see one standing by in Charlotte Harbor on the weekend.  I haven't needed them yet but if I do I'm sure they'll be the fastest to respond around here. 

Both services have the same annual membership dues, around $150 a year, and this is a total bargain.  If you're not a member and need towed then expect to pay a minimum of $250, no matter how close to the dock you are.  The average towing cost is actually closer to $600.  If you're an avid boater and don't have a towing policy you're really asking for it.