Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Fishing On Pine Island

This is a fantastic month to hit the flats around Pine Island and Matlacha, especially if sight casting to redfish is your game.  With some great low tides and water that gets more clear every day, spotting these big orange slobs on the flats will be a lot easier than any other time of year. 

Check your tide charts and pick the days with negative lows happening early in the morning.  That will give you the best possible tailing conditions for redfish, especially when the winds are calm.  The massive flats to the north of the Pineland Marina are some of the best areas to fly fish for tailers and we'll have perfect tides for that on the weekends of the 9th and 23rd this month.

The cold fronts are the only drawback to December and we've got another one bearing down on us as I write this.  Fortunately, there is always some place to hide around here when the winds whip up and many of the backcountry creeks are filling with snook.  Tuck inside and start casting white baitfish patterns like Norm's Crystal Schminnow at high tide and this is a sure way to get dozens of hits from smaller snook and the occasional monster.

Trout fishing is still closed until January so I try avoid targeting them specifically.  If you really just feel like bending a rod on a few, make sure you stick to single barbless hooks and release them quickly.  Sea trout are the most fragile of our three inshore gamefish and there's no reason to needlessly kill one right now.