Thursday, November 24, 2011

My New Logo Is Awesome

My insanely talented brother Randy came up with this design a few weeks ago.  I plan on having a pile of t-shirts printed with image above on the front and the one below on the back:
I love the Old Florida feel of the graphics which look like they could have been hand painted on a fish camp sign from the 1960's. 

"But, Capt. Gregg," I hear you saying, "I can't wait until my charter with you next tarpon season to wear one of these fantastically awesome t-shirts and I feel like less of a man without one.  What can I do?"

Don't worry, my friend.  Just click here and you can purchase several of these shirts immediately.  They'll arrive in time for Christmas which means that your kids will still believe in Santa and your wife will let you hold the TV remote for an entire year. 

On a less serious note, if you need any kind of logo designed for your own business, or just want to witness some comic genius, spend some time on my brother's blog here.