Saturday, November 5, 2011

Matlacha Fishing Report: Cold Front Redfishing

I had a really great trip yesterday with three local anglers that didn't start out that way.  A cold front was forecast to come through the area around 1 PM but got here about three hours early.  The clouds, wind, and rain hit us just an hour after we started fishing and I decided to call it quits and run back to the dock after boating just a single undersize redfish.

Since my anglers live here and are regulars it was no big deal and we could redo the trip next week.  Just as I came off plane near Matlacha we saw a big school of jacks blow up on some glass minnows at the mouth of a canal.  Despite the wind and cold, it was an irresistible sight and a quick toss of a Zara Spook got an instant hook-up.  While Jerry fought the five pound jack the worst of the weather seemed to pass over us and the rain ended.  We decided to stay out and find some spots near Matlacha that would at least keep us out of the wind.  That turned out to be a great choice since the guy's goal was to each bring home a keeper red and we had three in the boat less than an hour later.

The tide was flooding a we pulled several fish out from under the mangroves on live shrimp.  And the reds literally were burried under the bushes.  If the bait landed only two inches from the treeline it wouldn't get touched.  If it went under the branches a redfish would hit immediately.  We didn't try any aritficials and the few pinfish we tossed were ignored so shrimp are the way to go right now.  There will be some great low tides starting on Tuesday morning so sightcasting for tailing reds will be the goal for my charters next week.