Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sea Trout Off Key West

We've had a banner week of sea trout fishing here off Pine Island, especially before Friday's cold front.  The day before I had a charter that landed at least 60 fish in four hours, including 9 slot sized keepers.  I also heard from my buddy Capt. Mike Bartlett in Key West this morning and he's also been doing really well with the trout in the backcountry basins down there.  A lot of folks don't realize that these fish can be found that far south but check out his latest blog post here for the photos and details.

When I was guiding in the Lower Keys sea trout were a rare catch, at least for me.  I probably caught less than half a dozen in the 10 years I fished the flats down there.  According to Mike they're becoming a regular catch in places like Turkey Basin, just north of Boca Chica and the Saddlebunch Keys.  Mike also knows several spots that often produce redfish and snook, two species I never caught in all of my charters in the Keys.  This is a great sign that Florida's waters are healthier than ever despite what a lot of folks would like you to believe.