Saturday, October 22, 2011

Matlacha Fishing Report: Finally Back On The Water!

Last week was miserable with record setting rains and high winds that kept me off the water for way too long.  Fortunately this is a slow time of year and I only had to cancel one charter because of the weather.  When the clouds finally parted I managed to have a great trip yesterday with Tom and Vicky from West Palm Beach.  We had an excellent morning hooking dozens of sea trout in Matlacha Pass including four keepers and one impressive 20 incher that Tom nailed with a Spook. 

One other thing I noticed after the weather finally broke has been an outpouring of wildlife in Matlacha Pass.  Dolphins and manatees are more common than ever but the eagles and ospreys have really been putting on a show.  They were diving on fish and fighting each other for their catches all morning.  It was incredibly entertaining to watch and an added bonus to the great fishing.