Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Removing And Replacing SeaDek

SeaDek is a dense foam padding that is great addition to any boat, especially light flats skiffs.  My 2006 Beavertail B2 came factory equipped with black Sea Deck covering the entire cockpit floor and inside the gunnels.  This color looked good against the white hull but while it was great at hiding dirt and making the cockpit a safer place to move, by lunchtime it was as hot on your bare feet as a newly paved parking lot on the planet Mercury.  Also, after close to 800 days on the water it was starting to look a little rugged around the edges, so I decided to change it to a lighter color.  It was a surprisingly easy process but definitely a two person job.  Here's a quick step by step rundown:

My SeaDek after 5 years and a lot of charters.  Considering all the use it held up really well.
This is what happens when you spray a lot of Deep Woods Off onto your feet and also the SeaDek.  Try to aviod this.
Removal is a two person job. Use pliers to slowly peel the pads up and run a paint scraper along the receding edge to break loose the old adhesive.

Go slow and take it easy on the beer or this will happen.
One hour and six beers later.
Acetone and a scouring pad works great to clean off the underlying gunk.
Sleep it off before you start this part. Lay out the individual pads and mark the corners with a pencil. It's not necessary to get the deck completly spotless, just make sure it's smooth and dry. Start with the smallest pad first, working from the center to the gunnels.

I chose Caribbean Blue since it doesn't heat up in the sun but doesn't show dirt as much as pure white. The six pads to cover my deck cost $379 factory direct. Total time for the whole project was less than three hours.