Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gear Review: Allen Fly Lines

Last week I posted a review of Royal Wulff's new Bermuda Short fly line which retails for about $75. That's an average price for fly lines these days and there are a few that top the $100 mark.  But what about a fly line in the $20 range?  Well it turns out there's a pretty good one made by Allen Fly Fishing.

Their weight-forward floating line retails for $22 and is just fine for most light saltwater uses.  It has a fairly long taper and is a little slow to load on the 8wt rod that I use with it, but that doesn't bother me too much.  This is my backup outfit and I mostly use it for easy species like sea trout or ladyfish.  It will perform even better if you overline it on a 7wt rod.

The line's coating has been really durable so far and retains its stiffness in the heat.  It only comes in an unattractive olive color but that hides the dirt and grime nicely.  This is basically a fly line that you don't have to worry about cleaning that often to beging with.  There are no welded loops on the ends of this line but that's OK with me at this price.  A lot of premium fly lines don't come with welded loops but they should since I hate tying nail knots.

So for $22 you get an ugly but totally functional line from Allen Fly Fishing that is perfect for the casual angler or on a backup reel like a TFO Prism.  I like this stuff, it's inexpensive, not cheap.